Why does The Emerging Artist exist?

More and more we are appreciating the hugely diverse nature of creativity in children. 

“Creativity” isn’t a characteristic or innate quality boasted by a narrow category of people. It is not the case that a select few have the capacity for original thought with everyone else consigned to a life of doing without thinking outside the box.

Every child has the ability to think creatively. Every child thinks in their own, unique way. There are a variety of types of intelligence- an outdated focus on ‘IQ’ is no longer the only way to measure it.

The development of each child’s creativity is, however, not a matter outside of our control. It is hugely affected by (1) Parenting and (2) Education.

Cultivating your child’s creative spirit can have a whole variety of positive impact – on their mental health and ability to express their feelings, on their future career prospects, or their interpersonal relationships and their personal identity and appreciation of their place within the wider world.


The Emerging Artist is an online magazine dedicated to helping you identify, facilitate and nurture your child’s creative spirit in a healthy and encouraging way.

Who are we?

We founded The Emerging Artist after a long journey through the UK education system and transition into diverse careers. We both have experience in what it takes to get into “elite” universities and also what it takes out of you.

For Ned, his slightly chaotic CV is prime evidence for the self-confusion he experienced throughout his journey from being a wide-eyed young child to becoming a Cambridge Law Masters graduate with no straight answer to the question: “what should I do with my life?”

On one hand, he was blessed with a network of encouraging parents, teachers and close friends, along with ample opportunities to try new things – musical instruments, sports, performance activities, languages. This culminated in a passion for music and songwriting. 

On the other hand, he was faced with an education and careers funnel that placed a secure, high income job at the top of the prize list. This culminated in 4 years of Higher Education study in law and several failed job interviews at top London law firms.

Looking at these dual identities together – the ‘creative’ path and the ‘logical’ paths side by side – it becomes obvious just how much you don’t learn during your formal education. A Law degree only teaches you so much. 

Anya, the journey was slightly different. 

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